Hike-a-Pup Pet Care Woodmont Labrador Retrievers
Exercising and Breeding dogs

Outdoor Exercise and Play

Based in Hollis, NH

Rates (all quotes are approximate)


Care includes transportation to and from the dog’s home, outdoor socialization, play, swimming etc… 

Let Outs $17.00 in Hollis and Brookline  $18.00 and up elsewhere 

$25.00    half day                 2nd dog  $10.00 more

$40.00 full day                      2nd dog  $10.00 more

50.00 -- 60.00 overnight depending on the dog’s needs.              2nd dog $10.00 more

An additional fee for dogs may be calculated based on gas cost and time.  Owners can drop dogs off here to save on that added fee. 

Half days can be morning or afternoon. 

We also accept barter of goods or services for payment. Give your dog a better life. Find a creative way to obtain this special care for you pup.  

For more information contact Meg at hikeapup@gmail.com