Hike-a-Pup Pet Care Woodmont Labrador Retrievers
Exercising and Breeding dogs

Outdoor Exercise and Play

Based in Hollis, NH

Hike a Pup, Hollis, NH 03049                                                

Some of our other services include:

House-sitting and Pet Care

Meg or her small staff are available for house-sitting and multiple pet care. She takes care of sheep, horses, chickens, pigs, birds, cats and anything else. Meg is an experienced gardener and can keep you garden weeded, trimmed and healthy in your absence. Not many people can say that!


If you need overnight care you will need to sign up for some hikes. Meg only takes overnighters who have been checked for people and dog friendliness and other behaviors in advance on several hikes. She welcomes the dogs into her home, stays at your home or picks up your pup in the morning, offers all her socialization and exercise services all day and delivers him/her home  content and tired... ready to sleep through the night. 

Hike a Pup   hikeapup@gmail.com