Hike-a-Pup Pet Care Woodmont Labrador Retrievers
Exercising and Breeding dogs

Outdoor Exercise and Play

Based in Hollis, NH

So much fun...

We are out there every day exploring conservation land.. swimming, retrieving, wrestling, rolling, jumping, climbing, sniffing... to our hearts' content. Join us. 

Hike a Pup Pet Sitting

Hike a Pup's focus is on exercising, socializing and stimulating your dog.

 What we offer that doggie daycares and let out only services can not:
  • NON-STRESSFUL socialization and exercise outdoors
  • PLAYING with canine companions of all sizes and temperaments
  • SENSORY SATISFACTION.  Smells, sights, sounds ,tastes, touches
  • EXERCISE. Climbing, Jumping, Sprinting, Wrestling, Tug of War, Chasing, Hide and Seek, Fetch, Find the...Water Play, Retrieving,  Jogging, Prancing!
  • EXPLORATION and FUN.  Fields, valleys, orchards, forests, hills, mountains, trails, timber roads, abandoned railroad beds, quarries, Bushwhacking off trails...
  • STIMULATION, AGILITY and CHALLENGE. Water, mud, grass, sand, moss, ferns, rocks, ledges, bridges, stepping stones, sticks, balls, Frisbees...
  • SWIMMING.  Streams, rivers, vernal pools, ponds, lakes...
  • VARIETY, INTEREST, GUARANTEED EXERCISE.  Ice, snow, slush, rain, mist, fog...(Meg carries extra doggie coats and towels for the dogs in inclement weather and a pack to wrap and carry small dogs if they get cold).
PHOTOS of dogs in action with their friends.
  Safe transportation to and from your home to hiking locations.
  FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING                

Puppies are Welcomed and Encouraged

Hike a Pup can help you with your puppy's needs. Meg welcomes puppies who are not house broken into her home 24/7 while you are away or busy. She works with you to continue the consistency of training and is sometimes able to return a pup to their owners after their stay with her, more housebroken then when they left.

Puppies get the needed socialization during the critical months as the meet and play with all types of dogs. They experience the sights, sounds and smells of many settings and situations so they don't develop fearful responses. Because they are playing, socializing, exploring and exercising so much they sleep peacefully in Meg's home (or their own home if the owner prefers that).

Areas we Serve

Based in Hollis, NH 03049

Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts

Contact us at: 603-546-9675 or hikeapup@gmail.com