Hike-a-Pup Pet Care Woodmont Labrador Retrievers
Exercising and Breeding dogs

Outdoor Exercise and Play

Based in Hollis, NH

Hike a Pup Pet Sitting: Serving Southern NH and Northern MA.

including Hollis, Nashua, Brookline, Amherst, Wilton and  Milford NH and Pepperell, Groton, Tyngsboro, and Dunstable MA

Hike a Pup's Mission

Hike a Pup's mission is to provide exercise, fresh air and socialization to dogs of all ages and sizes. We aim to provide dogs a loving, stable environment away from their own families where they can thrive and satisfy their innate need to interact with a pack in a hierarchy in a natural way. Some dogs are stressed by large groups so our pack is never over six dogs although we do practice "meet and greet and play" with other dogs on the trails. We provide a variety of environments and terrains for them to sniff, dig, roll, romp…. EXPLORE. Their curiosity and natural desire to investigate their world through different senses is encouraged. Our pack ends up tired, content and satisfied. They are ready to rejoin their human families in a balanced and positive way. 

For more information contact us at: hikeapup@gmail.com or 603-546-9676


  • "Trust and peace of mind. That's what Meg gives me. My dog is very high energy and without Meg she is difficult to manage. Meg provides her with friends and interesting terrain t..."
    Client and Neighbor
  • "I trust Meg with all my heart. She cared for Deja with as much devotion as we do. Meg really helped during the early puppy days with daily notes about all that Deja had done and..."
    Deja's Mom

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